Important information regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) (16.05.2021)

XpressYourSelfie Limited (XpressYourSelfie) is committed to ensuring the safety of their clients and the wider community.

We will aim to work with you and your venue manager to ensure we operate in accordance with government COVID-19 regulations and inform our clients (and any members of our team) of any changes.

From tomorrow, government guidelines regarding COVID-19 are outlined below:

Step 3 - from 17 May

Wedding and civil partnership ceremonies

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies will be permitted for up to 30 people in COVID-secure venues that are permitted to open.

Alternative wedding ceremonies, and weddings under the law of England and Wales that are permitted to take place outdoors, with up to 30 people, including in COVID-secure venues or private gardens.

Receptions, celebrations and viewings

Receptions and celebrations will be permitted to take place with up to 30 people. They can take place either indoors in a COVID-secure venue (this does not include private homes), or outdoors (which does include private gardens). Although there is no requirement to be COVID-secure in a private garden, the organiser should take all reasonable steps to limit the risks of transmission and must adhere to the gathering limit of up to 30 people. If the event is taking place outdoors, it can be partially sheltered with, for example, a marquee, provided that at least 50% of the walled area remains open.

A broader range of venues will be able to be open at this step, as set out in the roadmap. Any venue which is not required in law to remain closed will be able to host events and allow viewings with appropriate COVID-19 mitigation measures in place. This includes, for example, any restaurant or indoor visitor attraction.

Step 4 - no earlier than 21 June

At Step 4, the government aims to remove all limits on weddings, civil partnership ceremonies and receptions. This will be subject to the outcome of the Social Distancing Review and also the Events Research Programme, which will include a series of pilots using enhanced testing approaches and other mitigations to run events of larger sizes.

The pilots have been selected to examine the risks of transmission in a range of settings, venue types, and activity types (for example, seated or not seated, indoor or outdoor) so that findings may inform thinking on the reopening of all large events.

XpressYourSelfie will aim to:

  • monitor government and Public Health England's (PHE) risk level assessment and to implement changes;

  • re-enforce government and PHE precautions to our team to help prevent spreading of the virus, including regular hand washing through the provision of hand-sanitiser, providing disposable props, cleaning surfaces, enforcing social distancing, operating our magic mirror using a remote control and wearing face coverings;

  • ask our clients to follow government guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus. We will discuss this with our clients at the time of booking;

  • ask members of our team who are exhibiting symptoms associated with Coronavirus to follow government guidelines, notify relevant team members and self-isolate;

  • take part in the NHS track and trace system;

  • ensure we remain COVID-19 secure - please see here.

Our team will:

  • have access to bottles of disinfectant spray and hand-sanitiser;

  • wear facemasks/visors at all times at each booking;

  • only use disposable/wipeable props at events;

  • take cleaning equipment to every event and clean wipeable props, before each person handles them.

We will aim to work with our clients to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Moving/cancelling the date of your event:

Due to the current circumstances, we understand that booking amendments may be necessary for clients and have changed our current policy accordingly.


Changing the date of your booking

For any bookings between 1 April 2021 and 31st December 2021 our clients will be able to amend their booking date providing we are available on the new date. Please be aware, this is under constant review and we will revert to our usual policy as soon as government guidance permits it.

We recommend that customers contact their suppliers before booking a new date with their venue to ensure suppliers can accommodate the change of date. 

If we are not available on your new date and it is not XpressYourSelfie who have made the amendment, we will advise that you contact your wedding insurance provider.

Our cancellation policy is currently as below.

Cancelling your booking

If you have to cancel your event entirely:

In the unfortunate event you have to cancel your event entirely due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will ask you to provide us with written proof of cancellation from your venue (including the reason for cancellation).

Once we have received this, we will provide you with a letter confirming your booking has been cancelled due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and do our best to help you reclaim any monies you have paid in respect of your booking through your insurance company.

If you are cancelling the services of XpressYourSelfie, but your event is still going ahead:

If you decide to cancel our services due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) but your event is still going ahead as planned, please provide us with written proof confirming your cancellation.

Once we receive this, we will provide you with a letter of cancellation and refund (excluding your deposit and any other expenses we have incurred on your behalf).


NB: If you have asked for a guest book to be supplied as part of your package, we may need to complete this after your event, as we will be undertaking precautions (such as sanitising  props, wiping surfaces) during your event.

We will only use items that are disposable (for one off usage) or which can be sanitised before the next guest touches them.

We will ask all customers log into NHS Track and Trace before entering the area where our magic mirror is, which is now a legal requirement.

Due to the restrictions in place until Step 4, unfortunately we are only able to offer our magic mirror for hire (not our photobooth) as this can be operated by a member of our team remotely, so our clients do not have to touch the screen. Please also be aware some of the services we usually offer may not be available (e.g. adding emoji stickers, social media options).


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